Thankful for El Mo Alumni

Freddie Freeman’s Amazing World Series Win


 El Modena has cultivated great students for the past decades. One of these great students happens to be a professional baseball player by the name of Freddie Freeman. Freeman grew up in Southern California, attended El Modena, 

    and graduated from El Modena highschool. Freeman started his baseball career young, joining the El Modena baseball team as player #9. His teammates reported seeing something special in him whenever he batted or pitched a 90 mph 

   fastball and evidently so did professional baseball scouts. Our very own Coach Kliner described him as a “big, 6-foot 5, gangly, goofy kid, that was just really, really good at baseball.” in an 11 Alive Sports interview. After graduating from El Modena, 

   Freeman went on to play for the Atlanta Braves and has been playing for about 11 years.  Freeman continues to play for the Braves who recently won the World Series, making  us Vanguards immensely proud.

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