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Donations Needed For Those In Need

 Many families in the U.S. suffer from food insecurity each year alone, with a projected 42 million Americans expected to experience food insecurity this year.

     Food insecurity has become increasingly worse as a result of COVID-19 and as Thanksgiving is right around the corner, food insecurity becomes more apparent. This is why we need our Vanguards to help donate imperishable foods to food banks, hygiene supplies to homeless shelters/homeless support centers, and clothes to second hand clothing stores.

 Some local food banks that need donations include the 2nd Harvest Food Bank, Crescent Food Bank, and the OC Food Bank. Additionally, there will be boxes located in the library and classrooms readily available for your donations of nonperishable food. 

   Another great way to contribute to aid those in need is by donating hygiene items to places such as: The Orange County Rescue Mission or by purchasing hygiene items off of the wishlists of certain food banks, homeless shelters, or homeless support shelters. 

   Some locations that could accept clothing donations include: Salvation Army, Goodwill, or homeless shelters. 

   There are so many ways to donate resources to those in need. Whether it’s through donating clothes, giving food for food banks, or purchasing much needed hygiene products for shelters, every Vanguard can make a big difference just by chipping in a little or a lot.

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