The Hidden Gem of November

Why Fantastic Mr. Fox is a Fall Masterpiece

The Hidden Gem of November

Encapsulated in a flurry of fall colors, stop motion, great writing, and feasts, Fantastic Mr. Fox is undoubtedly one of the best Fall movies to watch following the aftermath of a grand Thanksgiving feast. 

   Fantastic Mr. Fox combines witty slapstick humor with a peculiar plot written by Roald Dahl to give way to an overall great film. The movie follows Mr. Fox, who realizes that he wants to live a thrilling rest of his life and decides to move with his family to somewhere that will satisfy his craving for adventure. 

    He moves to a place where he is in range of Boggis, Bunce, and Bean farms, where each farm has different treasures that mightily appeal to Mr. Fox, ranging from chickens to high quality apple cider that “tastes like pure melted gold.”

    From here on, what can be best described as a major war occurs and the Fantastic Mr. Fox 

   must fight for his family and his community. The brilliant story that unfolds from this movie is as goofy as it is strangely heartwarming.

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