Marching With Macy’s

Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade Still Continues After 97 Years

  Every year Macy’s presents a Parade on Thanksgiving Day. The Thanksgiving parade was started by the Gimbels Department store, but as time went on, Macy’s carried on the tradition of holding the parades. 

   The parade started in the roaring twenties specifically in 1924, displaying the wealthy and joyful life in the period. The first parade consisted of Macy’s employees dressing up in numerous outfits, marching from Herald Square to Harlem. 

  Numerous floats and marching groups gather to march alongside each other. Floats, reaching upwards to 50 feet are made by dedicated volunteers. The floats are constructed of various materials, representing anything from a different character in your favorite TV show to themed floats that take a meaningful approach. 

   During the parade, viewers can enjoy the music, floats, and the marching volunteers in the New York bustle. This year, numerous artists and groups are performing in the parade. Girl group, Aespa will be performing on Olay’s float, “Her Future is STEM-sational”, empowering women in STEM   

  Today, people from all over the country come to march in the parade. On Thanksgiving Day, the march starts at 77th street and goes to Herald Square at 9:00 AM EST. Viewers can tune into the parade at 6:00 AM PST.

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