Gabby Petito’s Story

What Lead To The Death of Gabby Petito

Gabby Petitos Story

   22 year-old Gabby Petito, born in Blue Point New York, had been reported missing on September 11th, striking a nationwide search. Petito had lived with her boyfriend Brian Laundrie, 23, in his parents’ home located in North Point, Florida. The two had decided to go on an extended road trip to travel the country in a van and document it.

    This road trip began on July 2nd, but took a horrible turn for the worse. On September 1st, Laundrie had returned back to the couple’s residence without Petito. She was reported missing, and not long after on September 29th remains of a human body were found, later claimed hers.

   Brian Laundrie has been unable to be located since September 17th. On October 12, it was declared her death was caused by strangulation. An arrest warrant has been out for Laundrie, who is still unable to be located. Petito has become “America’s Daughter” as many continue the search for Laundrie and any evidence.

   Petito’s story is beginning to raise awareness for all missing people, many not covered by the news. Tens of Thousands of people have not received the national spotlight Petito has received. Where Petito was found in Wyoming, 710 indigenous people  have vanished from 2011-2020.

   This does not dismiss the circumstances surrounding Petito’s death, and we must continue to fight for her justice. This matter is not solely about race, but rather the people, and the quality and integrity we must have as a nation to those who deserve America’s sympathy and news coverage.

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