Vanguard Videographers Run the Nation

Multi Award-Winning Anti-Drug PSA(s) Save Students Across America

Vanguard Videographers Run the Nation

Student film programs throughout the United States battle every year to be the victors of the Elks Drug Awareness (DAP) ANTI-Drug PSA competition. El Modena’s EMTV program produced three PSAs in 2017, 2019, and 2021, and won each year.

   Each victorious year EMTV produced dynamic PSAs (public service announcements) with the talent and dedication within the program reminding other schools nationwide that our Vanguard Nation Film program is unmatched. The three PSAs struck the audience’s hearts with each given theme, and the hit was strong enough to inspire stomach churning or weeping.

   The 2017 “JUST SAY NO” PSA was an anxiety-ridden piece that progressively showed the consequences of letting drugs control your life. The protagonist of “JUST SAY NO” initially planned to hook up with a drug dealer, all until he saw the possible consequences of his actions.

   The scene switched to a red-lit dream sequence, creating an increased level of intensity for the audience. He scrambles throughout his home to find zombified drug users, eventually guiding him to a room with an ominous presence that gasped in pain, struggling to find the strength to live…only to realize… It was him.

   That gruesome and effective approach was triumphant, but the 2019 “SUNSHINE” took a more emotional turn. Life gifts you with family, friends, pets, or sunshine, but the abuse of drugs clouds that love over.

   “SUNSHINE” shows the growth of a young girl and the friendship-like bond with her mother, and with every tremble, tear, or smile shed, the mother was there for her sunshine. However, life for Sunshine took a turn.

   She began to abuse drugs with friends, resulting in an overdose. Drugs take away brothers, sisters, mothers, love, and, in this case, Sunshine. The Fine Bros rewarded “SUNSHINE” with a spot on their world famous React video collection. Regardless of one’s situation, “THERE IS NO EXCUSE” for the abuse.

   “THERE IS NO EXCUSE” was rightfully the winner of the 2021 film contest directed by the EMTV advisor, Mrs. Mull. Mull was amidst a pandemic, but got this film produced in the safest manner possible (All actors in the PSA were immediate family members), and her son Henry Mull, served as the cinematographer and lead editor.

   The PSA tells the story of a mother relapsing with her drug abuse, abuse she learned from her mother,  and how it affects the ones she loves most. She would progress in her support groups, but would continually ruin her success because of her past.

   Failure after failure, the mother arrives at a gravesite, placing herself at her mother’s gravestone. The scene cuts, and shows a clever black and white flashback of her mother abusing drugs the same way she currently does.

   Regardless of one’s circumstance, minor or major, EMTV empathetically declares there’s no excuse to abuse drugs, or take away sunshine, so stop the cycle. EMTV is a thriving program that successfully influences others to be better with their award-winning PSAs.

   Congratulations to EMTV for being the inspiration for the betterment of the nation.

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