Taylor Swift’s Fall Fashion

Fall Fits Inspired By Taylor Swift To Get Your Wardrobe Ready For The Season

Taylor Swifts Fall Fashion

Taylor Swift is the Queen of fall when it comes to style. She always knows the best combinations of clothes to stay cozy while also looking fabulous.

   The most important thing when styling for fall is color. Your tints, tones, and shades of red, forest green, brown, gray, and orange define the fall season. 

   A tan beanie, white tank top with either a burgundy sweater or poncho, dark gray leggings or jeans, and a pair of leather boots is a simple way to throw a fall outfit together with so many other possible color combinations.

   A soft, cozy poncho is a personal favorite of mine. It adds more depth to your outfit and is great for when the weather changes from a crisp, cool to a warm day. I recommend finding one at a Tuesday Morning outlet; they have so many unique patterns.

   The best part about fall style is that you can continue wearing it into the winter season. Have fun styling your unique fall look.

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