Call Me By Your Name

Lil Nas X’s New Album is Making Headlines and Breaking Barriers


After his seemingly overnight success in 2019 with hit song “Old Town Road”, Lil Nas X has finally dropped his debut studio album. Spanning six songs in 41 minutes, Montero makes a multitude of bold statements– but for Nas, this isn’t new. 

   Since his viral hit just two years ago, Lil Nas has somehow retained the public limelight and has not shown any fear towards controversy. His infamous song “Old Town Road” amassed a variety of remixes, creating variations of the song that feature K- pop, trap, dubstep, and country artists. 

   Over time, Lil Nas’s music had started to incorporate many elements of country music but also many features of rap music, and much of his popularity stemmed from this juxtaposition. Unfortunately, this musical tightrope that Nas was walking on snapped when Billboard removed his song from the country music top charts. Alienated by the hardcore fans of both hip-hop and country music, Lil Nas X drew attention by publicly calling out the billboard for their bigotry.

   Adding to this mess was the fact Nas had recently come out as gay. His pride was strong then, but now, unfaltering; every ounce of Montero was crafted to spit in the face of haters and homophobes. X has wholeheartedly recognized himself as a leader of LGBTQ culture, and has proudly  accepted the responsibilities.

    Stirring the pot even more with daring music videos and lyrics, Montero uses a pop – rap hybrid to tackle difficult topics like self-expression, sexuality, and gender norms. Whether you like Montero or not is irrelevant; his bold message is undeniable, and his self pride will continue to act as a beacon for many people who are still struggling to feel comfortable in their own skin.

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