The Netflix Mind Game

Squid Game Takes the Nation by Storm


Released this year on September 17, the new K-Drama series Squid Game has enthralled millions of viewers and has reached Netflix’s #1 recommended series in a matter of days.

   In this series, contestants compete against each other to win a cash prize of 46.5 billion won (around 38 million USD). This competition attracts hundreds of contestants who are in immense debt, raising the stakes for all of them.

   How do they win the game? They play Korean children’s games. If they lose or can’t perform the task, they die. The one who outplays and outlives the others wins the long-awaited, grand prize. This thrilling series introduces many viewers to other fascinating K-Dramas.


   We can’t address the article without addressing the character, “Kang Sae-byeok”. Contestant 067, played by actress and model Hoyeon Jung, has charmed many of her viewers. Who wouldn’t fall head over heels for her?

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