The Vanguard Leading the Charge

Why is El Modena Football the best of the best?


   What sets our football program apart from any other school is that they are truly a family. From talking to any football player, coach, or manager, you can see that here at El Modena, they really are a football family. 

   The men of the El Modena Football Coaching Staff are devoted to the players; not only do they teach football, but they instill virtuous qualities during the 4 years that they spend in these boys’ lives. 

   What family can be complete without a great leader? Coach Matt Mitchell, their amazing head coach has been going above and beyond in building this program for the 6 years he has been head coach. 

   Coach Mitchell was recently named the NFL Coach of the Week and is being honored during the Los Angeles Chargers halftime on November 14th. 

   It seems Coach Mitchell has always been part of the Vanguard family as he is a legacy here at El Modena: his father was class of ‘72, his mother was class of ‘74, and he was class of ‘94.

Coach Mitchell was the star quarterback and he dominated on the basketball court and the baseball diamond.

He began coaching football at El Modena in 2000 until 2003. After that he spent 6 years coaching at Orange Coast College and 4 years at Servite. In 2013 he returned to our Vanguard Nation and in 2016 he took over as head coach. 

According to Coach Mitchell, the most important part of being a head coach is communication. Our program wouldn’t be complete without Coach Mitchell, a lifelong vanguard leading the charge. 

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