Taking Back the Frontline

Attempting to Maintain Tradition in the Midst of a Mascot Revolution


   At one point in El Modena’s glorious past, the Vanguards marched valiantly through campus. Their pride in Vanguard Nation and tradition seemed unstoppable. Now, our students lose themselves in a flurry of “Hell-mo” shirts and a red Elmo mascot as they try to navigate Elmo’s World.

   As a changing student body, we sometimes lose sight of the symbolism behind our mascot. Deep down, we are not the El Modena Elmos who frolick around on Sesame Street. Every brick, every pillar, and every victory of El Modena represents the true valor of the Vanguard that we seem to forget.

   Many students at El Modena have gone on to make a difference in the world through their leadership. This comes from harnessing the Vanguard spirit of confidence, and none of it comes from playing with Elmo dolls in the classroom.

   It is disconcerting to hear, at a home game, “What even is a Vanguard?” coming from the student section itself. We have lost what has made us formidable in the eyes of competition.

   In every effort to maintain El Modena tradition, we must wholly readopt the Vanguard as a mascot. While Elmo can still mill around from time to time, the Vanguard should be the face of our school.

   Vanguards have always stepped up in acts of bravery, in the face of adversity, to lead the revolution. It is time we stand to take back the frontline… and take back the honor of our real mascot, the Vanguard.

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