One-of-a-Kind Costumes

Creative Costumes Credited to Winning Costume Contests

   Blues Clues: A nostalgic show from almost all of our childhoods, making it a perfect costume to wear to school. This costume is simple and easy, all you need is a green striped shirt, some khaki slacks, and a pair of black shoes. You could even get one of your friends to dress up as Blue for an extra layer!

   Squid Game: This Korean drama has hit the U.S. by storm, inspiring countless cosplays and parodies. This costume may be a bit harder to pull off though it has a few variations, requiring black boots, a pink jumpsuit and black mask, another way to pull this off successfully is by wearing a green tracksuit with a white number.

   Mrs. Mull: A classic El Mo costume built to impress the entire senior class if done right. Mrs. Mull is adored on campus by everyone who meets her, but her style is what catches their eye before anything else. Her iconic green GAP jacket is an absolute must, as well as any variation of Doc Martens, jeans, glasses, and quirky hairstyles.

   Femboy Jacob: A costume guaranteed to make you the talk of the school, femboy Jacob. Is any description necessary? Probably. The perfect formula for Femboy Jacob consists of a high cropped Fox tee shirt, short-short cargos, and performance tennis shoes. You can always add some spiked hair to complete the illusion of femboy Jacob.

   Your Friend’s Dad: The difficulty of this costume varies from person to person, but the basic rundown is choosing a friend who’s dad you want to dress up as and acquiring reference images so that you can capture their essence. Then once you encounter this friend, act like their dad all day, fully completing the Dad cosplay.


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