Red Ribbon Week

What Is Red Ribbon Week And Why Do We Celebrate It?

   Red Ribbon Week just took place on campus and our school celebrated with hallway decorations and dress-up days. To give context, Red Ribbon Week is a drug prevention campaign that occurs in schools across the United States and is also the nation’s largest drug awareness program. 

   The campaign started when drug traffickers in Mexico City murdered a Drug Enforcement Administration Agent, Kiki Camarena, in 1985. Friends of Camerena began to wear red ribbons to honor his memory and his battle against drugs. The red ribbon was later adopted as the symbol of drug prevention. 

   The mission of Red Ribbon Week is to lead our nation’s communities in keeping our youth drug-free. This program is celebrated from elementary through high school. On the El Modena Campus, we celebrated Red Ribbon Week with dress-up days.
  The dress-up days included a 70s themed day for “Drugs Are Not Groovy”, a pajama day for “Don’t let drugs haunt your dreams”, a pink day for “Drugs Are Not Fetch”, a jersey day for “Team Up Against Drugs”, and lastly today we wore Halloween costumes for “Drugs Are Spooky”.  

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