Candy Corn YAY

   Fall would not truly be Halloween season without the smell of pumpkin spice drifting through the air, the crunch of leaves beneath our feet, and the sweet taste of candy corn on our tongues.

   Although candy corn originally was a seasonal treat in the 1880s, variations have since lined the isles of stores every holiday season. While I maintain that original white, orange, and yellow candy corn is superior to all other candy, the “Brach’s Harvest Corn”, which is partially chocolate flavored, is a big hit during Thanksgiving season. 

   Daniel Barragan on candy corn, “I like candy corn because you can’t have fall without having candy corn. It just tastes so good, it’s so sweet and the texture is what makes candy corn memorable. There’s nothing else like candy corn, that’s why I love it.” 

   And more on candy corn’s superior texture, Finn Drageset, “The texture of candy corn is just perfect, it’s everything you want a crayons texture to be. If you were a little kid and you saw a crayon, you would think it would be squishy and fun to chew but it’s all flakey and gross, candy corn is like the perfect ratio of that. If you haven’t wanted to eat a crayon before you just wouldn’t get it.” 

   Snacking on candy corn while carving pumpkins on Halloween Eve, or at Treats-in-the-Streets as a child has always been one of my favorite memories. The nostalgia that is felt while eating these candies is unparalleled, which is why candy corn deserves my  vote for “yay”.

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