Freaky Fits

What to Rock on All Hallows Eve


   On your marks… Get Set… GO! A good option for a Halloween costume this year is a race girl. It’s easy and not overdone like an angel or devil. Put on some red and checkers pieces and you’re set to race over to all your Halloween activities.


   Fulfill your childhood dreams and dress up as a mermaid! A cute, colorful skirt and top will do the trick and having shells or starfish will add to your look. Throw in some beach waves for your hair and you’re all set to show off to all your underwater friends.


   Girl scout troop 367! You don’t have to sell cookies, but you sure can look like you do. A light yellow top, a brown skirt or shorts, white shoes, and a troop sash will get you looking more than ready to take care of business. Dress up by yourself or be a girl scout troop! This is the perfect outfit for a night out on halloween!


   Sick of seeing space cowgirls? Rock your metallic skirt with a pair of wings instead. A simple and easy costume that we are loving this year is butterflies. All you need is a pair of wings and any old tank top and skirt or shorts from your closet. These colorful wings will get you compliments from everyone.


   Look Out! Pirates!! A costume we are loving this year is a cute and spunky pirate. A white button up shirt, black or brown skirt, and skull bandana will get you looking ready to take over foreign ships. One way to spice up this costume is to add gold coins and a pirate sword.

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