Candy Corn NAY

Candy Corn NAY

  Though candy corn is one of the defining factors of Halloween candy, it is not good. No matter how many times I give candy corn another chance, it always fails me. Candy corn is way too sweet and not even the good kind of sweet.

   The texture is griddy and the way it breaks up in your mouth is just nasty. It feels like eating a crayon.

    I would honestly rather eat regular corn as candy than candy corn. I’m so glad that candy corn is seasonal because I don’t think I could deal with it all year round. 

   I brought in a fellow Vanguard, Daniel Barragan, to describe his thoughts on Candy Corn. This is what he had to say, “Candy corn is perhaps the worst candy imaginable. It is no secret that candy is bad for you, but at least it tastes good. Candy corn cannot claim that, not only does it destroy your health, but it also tastes horrible, if you’re risking your health, at least make it worth it.” Thanks Daniel.

   He is absolutely right, why waste my time on an icky candy when I can enjoy a wide variety of other spooky treats. Whoever decided to make corn into a candy definitely did it wrong!

   Despite my dislike for candy corn, I believe it is still a big part of the Halloween Tradition. It will always be a classic when celebrating this time of year, but I would rather celebrate it from a far and not eat it. 

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