Walk for the Cure

Learn About the Event and Backstory of breast Cancer Awareness



   Have you ever thought about being a part of Walk for the Cure? This fundraising event for breast cancer awareness is an amazing opportunity to honor those who have had or still have breast cancer. 

    Walk For the Cure is a way to encourage these women to keep fighting and show them that we are all here to support them. Breast cancer is a common disease that results in over 200,000 US cases per year.

   There have been some temporary treatments such as surgery, medical therapy, radiation, chemotherapy, and holistic medicine, which do not always lead to a positive outcome. 

   Marie Segovia, Women’s League Publicist, says, “Walk for the Cure is an annual fundraiser for the Susan G. Komen Foundation,” which is the largest and best funded Breast Cancer organization in the United States. 

   The foundation was established 40 years ago in Dallas, Texas and has raised around 2.9 billion dollars including the 920 million dollars invested in breast cancer research. 

   Segovia also tells us that, “All of the proceeds raised from shirts and sweatshirts are donated to charity in the hopes to fund research for the prevention and treatment of breast cancer. Since October is breast cancer awareness month, it was really important for the Women’s League to organize the walk and encourage our school’s community to come out and support the cause.”

  Friday, October 8th, marked the 11th year in which our Vanguard community came together before 7 A.M. in the quad and got ready for our walk. Posters lined up on every wall and there were too many people to count. We all wore pink and stood tall to show our support in solidarity, for each of our loved ones. 

   Next time you would like to join the Walk for the Cure, make sure to sign up for Women’s League during Club Rush in mid-September so you are updated on everything that will be taking place during October.

   “The Women’s League appreciates everyone who participated in the walk or bought shirts to raise funds. Our hope is that the contributions make a difference in someone’s life.” 

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