Though it may not be the first thing you’d think about during the Halloween season, Halloween themed shoes are a uniquely special tradition in sneaker culture. 

   For each of the last four years, Nike has manufactured an eccentric, skeleton themed Air Force 1 that acts as a bold statement for anyone who wears them. This year, Nike chose to release a purple variant, following the trend of their previously released colors: grey, black, and orange.

   For a more affordable option, you might find interest in the collaboration between Vans and Nightmare on Elm Street. It’s a ‘bloody’ shoe that wholly resembles Freddy Krueger for only $80.

   And finally, if you’ve got deep pockets and are looking for the holy grail of halloween sneakers, the Freddy Krueger SB Dunks might catch your eye. Though never officially released to the public due to legal controversy, a sample pair of these elusive sneakers will set you back about 30 thousand dollars.

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