Counselors, College, and Confusion

The Basics of What Seniors Need to Know About College



  Vanguard Seniors. We’re still in the beginning of Senior year, but everything seems to be moving a little too fast. Counselors? College? The Future?! It’s all a bit too much to process, especially since it feels like we skipped our Junior year. But don’t worry! 

   This article is here to help navigate through the college madness, with answers from our very own counselor: Mrs. Parizeau. Let’s start at the very beginning: why college matters. In the 1900’s, college became increasingly popular and has continued to gain popularity ever since.         

   This popularity is due to college’s ability to provide a pathway to a satisfying career, more motivation to learn, and more high-paying jobs. Now that we have “why go to college?” answered, let’s answer “how do I go to college?”

    The primary step to do is to look at where you are. Ask yourself questions such as: Do I have my A-G requirements?- (see above photo) How are my grades? Am I satisfied with my current GPA? Once you’ve answered all questions you have with pleasing answers, look into the next step: research. 

   When researching colleges, ask yourself questions such as: What college suits my financial needs? Does the campus fit my personal preference? Will the college suit what career/educational pathway I want to pursue? When asking these questions, use resources such as Xello, trustworthy websites, counselors, and their Google Classroom (join code: Kwjgi46).

    In addition to researching colleges/interests, look into the Occupational Outlook Handbook on (a handbook that will help when looking into careers and their future importance). Keep in mind that it’s perfectly okay to not know exactly what you’re doing in the future, but it is important to have a general outline. 

   After researching and poking around, it’s time to consider requirements, deadlines, and upcoming events. FAFSA applications opened on October 1st and will continue to be accepted till June 30th, 2022. UC applications go from November 1st-31st. 

   Cal State applications go from October 1st- November 31st. Community college and private college applications vary, so check their website for more information. Requirements for UCs/Cal States includes: A-G requirements (no D grades) and a 3.0 GPA or above.                       

   Requirements for Private colleges and Community colleges vary but include the same A-G requirements. We’ve only scratched the surface, but remember your counselors are here to help and that you’ve got this!


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