Saved By Sports

Two Varsity Soccer Girls Share How Sports Helped Them Through the Pandemic

 In the beginning of quarantine, students were no longer able to gather with one another. School was online, and everything was now done at home. Many sports resumed with their active skills online, and some waited for the green light to gather in-person mid-September of 2020.

   Whether athletes were virtual or in person with their sports, many received a sense of hope through this gateway during the pandemic.

Frontline: How did being involved in a sport help you cope with the pandemic?

Vas Petrohilos: “Being in a sport during the pandemic allowed me to stay active and be able to see and hangout with my club teammates. It was refreshing to see new faces other than just my family all the time.”

And from another varsity athlete:

Jillian Jaime: “Being in a sport was an escape from being inside my house all the time. I used it as social time to see my friends and teammates.”

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