The Caldor Fire:

Another seething cry of warning from climate change.


Summer and Fall seasons unfortunately bring out the wildfire season in California. Dry brush makes great tinder in the blazing and dry heat of California and recently, the rate of these fires seems to be increasing. And it’s no coincidence, as there has been an underlying explanation that is now crying out to the world announcing its presence.

   Climate change has become a very prominent issue in the modern world, and recent reports from the U.N. note that “Climate change is widespread, rapid, and intensifying.”

   But, how does climate change and an increase in wildfires correlate? The Associate Press has reported that the combination of increasingly dry weather from climate change and strong winds has allowed for wildfires to spread more frequently.

   To reduce the endless blaze of the wildfires, the best solution would be to reduce global warming by reducing greenhouse gases. If we were to just ignore the root issue of the wildfires, it wouldn’t just be California facing the severe repercussions of climate change, it would be the entire world.

  Extinction, rising sea levels, intense tropical storms, and many more catastrophes would erupt as a result of unbridled global warming.

   Right now, the world is already seeing the effects of climate change: The Caldor Fire, Hurricane Ida, the extinction of over half the Great Barrier Coral Reef. The Caldor Fire is another warning for humanity to wake up to the reality of how dangerous climate change truly is.

   This time, the Caldor Fire may have been contained, but what will happen when the fire blazes to the point of no return?

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