Boys got Style

Drawing Inspiration from the Freshest Boys on Campus from All Grades

Jayvyn Thompson, Freshman 

  My style isn’t something I’ve always been passionate about; I usually wear what’s comfortable and try to make it look good. I’m inspired by 90’s Harlem fashion, early 2000’s movies and shows like Empire Records and Dawson’s Creek, and icons like Kurt Cobain. Pinterest is helpful to me for taking inspiration, and finding and recreating styles I like.

Jimmy Saeed, Sophomore

   The world around me is what inspires me, and helps me understand myself. My style could be tied to my taste in music, which is a bit of everything, but usually older generations of music like disco, funk, pop, rap, or r&b. I’m inspired to be the best dressed version of myself– and the best dressed at El Mo.

Travis Hanson, Junior 

   The way my style reflects my personality is mostly in my interests: film and music. Some of my favorite movies are westerns, which influence the way I dress a lot; I’ve discovered my love of western wear. In terms of music, one of my favorite genres is punk rock, which influences a lot of my more casual day to day outfits. 

Blake Keister, Senior 

   I like to keep what I wear comfortable and not too flashy. I wear a lot of black and dark colors, because they’re very easy to match, and I’ll always wear oversized clothes. My shirts are almost always band tees from bands or artists I like, so I’d say they inspire me.

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