Saved by Sports

How sports saved these athletes and affected their lives.

Jacob Boyd: 17 year old Senior that plays tennis and is in Journalism.

Frontline: How did covid affect you in tennis last year?

   Jacobs team had their first full season for a period of two years and he feels like it really gave him an opportunity to finally play a sport he loves for school after having a year off from tennis because of COVID. They had to wear masks on court for half of the season, and them being always at home took a toll on everyone’s mental health. Jacobs’ performance has changed for the better since last year, and he has been out practicing with his friends now that tennis has opened back up.


Finn Dragesct: 16 year old Junior that plays volleyball and is in Journalism.

Frontline: How did covid affect you last year?

   Last year, Finn did cross country and track, with the pandemic the season was really long with no competing and only a few races. They didn’t practice in cross country for the first three months of school and when they did it was cut short and they were all Socially distant. They had to wear masks except when running. Cross country is much closer to being back to normal since last year. Finn ran a bit this summer and his performance was more or less the same as last year. Sports helped him stay mentally strong and now he plays volleyball.

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