A “H-atastrophy”

The Civil War on Hats At El Modena High School

  Do you like wearing hats? Hats are an incredible invention that are used to keep the sun out of your eyes and make you look stylish. However, did you know that at El Modena High School you cannot wear any hat of your choosing?

   The baseball hats that are worn at El Mo must only be El Modena baseball hats, as every other kind of baseball hat is banned.

   This is due to the fact that some hats may have inappropriate symbols or words on them. This rule is in place so that all vanguards stay appropriate while on campus.

   I personally disagree with this rule and believe it is quite foolish as even normal, name-brand baseball hats are banned such as Nike or Adidas.

   However, I also see how taking away all inappropriate baseball hats is good for school and the El Mo hat helps facilitate school spirit.

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