Senior Parking Spot Art at ELMO

What you need to know to become the next Picasso of El Modena

 As a senior at El Modena, you must’ve heard about the many colorful, painted parking spots that encompass our school’s parking lot. The painted parking spots are a fundraiser made by Ms. Mull as a fundraiser for the EMTV program for the low donation of seventy-five dollars. 

   The parking spots have been going on for about five years and allow seniors to design and paint their own parking spots here at El Modena. However, their art must be school-appropriate and  approved by the principal. 

   Other than that, seniors are allowed to create many distinctive designs, whether it be their name in vibrant colors, or a picture of their favorite album. Even if you aren’t a senior right now, you can still look at the parking spots for inspiration when you paint your own parking spot in the future.


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