Pump That Vanguard Spirit Up

How to get loud with this year’s Rowdy Rooters


After a nearly two-year hiatus, El Modena’s renowned Rowdy Rooters are back in action trying to win OC Student’s Section’s weekly awards and dominate everyone else. They attend every football game, away or home, and have even started going to Girls Volleyball games to cheer on our athletes.

   You may be wondering, what are the Rowdy Rooters actually? Or even, how do I join the Rowdy Rooters? Well, the answers are simple! The Rowdy Rooters are a group of students who attend every El Mo game they can to hype up the crowd and cheer our athletes to victory!

   Joining the Rowdy Rooters is probably one of the easiest things to do;  just follow them on Instagram and show up at the games wearing theme-related attire. The theme changes every game so make sure you stay updated.

   So far the themes we’ve had are All Out Cardinal and Gold, Neon/80’s, Beach Day, blackout/punk, and today, a Red-out. A special note about the blackout theme, it was a tribute to Ryder Wade, who passed away in January 2020 in a motorcycle collision.

   This year’s leaders for the Rowdy Rooters are Amelia Ardekani and Sebastian Metoyer, who lead chants and cheers at every football game. Their loud voices can penetrate the commotion of the crowd and hype up entire student sections instantly.

   Some of my personal favorite chants that the Rowdy Rooters use are “Elmo’s in the house,” “Y-E-L-L,” and of course “We Are Number One!” Each of these chants inspires awe in the crowds at just how loud we can get.

   The golden rule of the Rowdy Rooters is if you don’t lose your voice yelling at the game, you didn’t yell at all. So remember to pump that Vanguard Spirit up!

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