Gossip Girl Reboot

You Know You Love Me


   The show rooted in drama and lies focused around the luxurious lifestyles of the teenagers on the Upper East Side was announced to make a comeback on the streaming network, HBO Max in 2021. The reboot of Gossip Girl began releasing episodes in July 2021 and whether or not you love the original, I believe the reboot is worth a shot.

   Teenagers of different races and sexual orientations are featured as main characters which the original Gossip Girl lacked. The new change of representation I believe makes this show stand out as it reflects our generation more precisely.

  The reboot has also done a wonderful job displaying the big role social media has in teenager’s lives. As the main character, Julien obsesses over her public image and social media following, we see the negative effects this newfound media has on her which can be easily related to teenagers today. 

   A flaw that becomes apparent when you begin the series is the obvious tackiness of the writing, which I believe is due to the lack of depth the characters are given. The characters seem to appear one-sided and never tend to open up to the audience.  

   Even though the characters featured on the original Gossip Girl are easy to dislike, you can not help rooting for them when different layers of their personalities unfold. An exception to this remark is Max Wolfe, who I believe everyone can find one aspect of him to relate to through his struggles of understanding himself and reflects the intricate character of Chuck Bass. 

   Though the show features several flaws, I believe the Gossip Girl reboot has many strengths that may or may not make up for it.

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