An Ode to Sunshine

Lorde Releases her Third Studio Album Solar Power


   Lorde’s third studio album Solar Power centers around the euphoric feeling of summer, managing to put into words the feeling of sunshine, ocean air, and Californian dreams. 

   Released August 20th, 2021, it brought about the end of summer, but it’s themes will carry summer well into the fall. 

   The album opens with The Path which tells the story of sunshine lighting the “Path” through one’s life. It makes reference to Lorde’s past albums along the way marking her way through this metaphorical path in life. 

   The lead single and namesake for the album Solar Power is next up on the tracklist. This song truly encapsulates the central theme of the album and can only be described as an ode to sunshine. 

   The album closes with the track Oceanic Feeling. It’s title exactly describes how the song feels, with mentions of blue skies and living life under the sun, it truly sounds like how a summer morning feels.

   Following two critically acclaimed, and in my opinion masterpiece albums, Pure Heroine and Melodrama, is an extremely difficult task.

   Lorde’s first two albums took a more gloomy and somber tone focusing on teen angst in Pure Heroine and growing up in Melodrama. 

   Solar Power manages to play off of those motifs while being the total opposite. Its golden and warm feeling is matched with darker tones in the tracks Leader of a New Regime and Fallen Fruit

    I couldn’t recommend this album enough, but with all Lorde music it will take a couple of listens to fully appreciate its complexities.  

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