How to Style a Girl

The Best, Most Fashionable Outfits for Girls… From the Perspective of a Boy


   As you brush past people in the breezeway, barely catching a glimpse of ripped denim short-shorts or a flash of white Jadon Smooth Leather Docs, certain girls’ outfits stand out as particularly appealing to the eye.

   Starting from the top, wavy hair, mixes of braided and straight hair, and messy hair buns complement a nice silver necklace and unique earrings. Large pink and green scrunchies are reminiscent of the 80’s, making the hit-or-miss ratio closer to 80% miss.

   For shirts and tops, V-neck and round neck tops are generally great style choices, but crop tops may not always be preferable. If it’s cold, pullover hoodies are fantastic — much better than wearing a jacket that doesn’t even cover the shoulders.

   As for bottoms, faded jeans (long or short) and leggings are definitely suggestions. Shoes such as strapped sandals and white Docs boots look particularly fashionable, but one can always rely on Converse to get the job done and look the best for school.

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