Life is a Highway

The Story Behind the Senior Mural


   Tradition is something back in full swing at El Modena, one of these traditions being the Senior Mural. 

   Year after year and class after class students are left with a blank canvas (the back wall of A1) to paint however they see fit. 

   The Class of 2022’s mural design reflects that of a postcard from Radiator Springs from the movie Cars while also making reference to their Freshmen, Sophomore, and Junior year Spirit Week themes. 

   The project was spearheaded by the Senior Class board, President Oliver Cajayon (12), Vice President Eliana Lipson(12), Treasurer Olivia Cortez (12), and Secretary Mayson Gilmore (12)

   The main artists on the project were Mayson Gilmore and Maddie Nguyen (12) who had help painting from volunteers from the Senior Class. 

   When speaking about the planning process Gilmore says, “We would describe it as a mural that will grow with us. We’re planning on adding to it throughout the year to represent some senior memories.” 

   Next time you’re walking through the quad be sure to take a look at all of their hard work.

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