Weight Room Gets a Makeover

Learn the Ins and Outs of Football’s New Fully Decked Out Weight Room

   After years of fundraising and hard work, along with many generous sponsors, (shout out to the Tabb family) the football team has finally gotten a brand new weight room. Outfitted with only the best racks and weights, El Mo football is set to be the toughest team in Southern California. 

   On the ceiling beams of the weight room, you can see words that are near and dear to the football programs HEARTs: Hit-Effort-Attitude-Respect-Trust. In 2015(?), this acronym was introduced by Coach —- and since has become an award given out each year to an exceptional player. 

   There was also the opportunity to put a quote of an athletes or families choice on a rack. A few favorites are: “‘Don’t complain. Get it done.’-Jackson Keays”, “‘All limitations are self-imposed’ –Jonathan Tabb”, and “‘Finish strong’ –Ceballos Family”. And, of course, the Coach Mitchell trademarked “Dominate the Day”. 

   Jerseys of former vanguards whose  numbers were retired for a year after their season, are displayed on the right wall of the weight room to encourage current players to work hard and strive for success every day. 

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