El Mo’s Pool is on Its Way!

El Mo’s Aquatic Center is Nearing Completion and Just in Time for Swim

   El Modena’s new aquatics center is coming along! Fred Kelly Stadium and the science center are the first renovations that come to mind regarding El Mo’s makeover, but the pool should also be an exciting prospect. Unlike most of the school’s new developments, the pool is not funded through Measure S, but rather the district maintenance account, due to the fact that the pool broke before its reconstruction.

   Despite experiencing some delays due to COVID-19 and issues with contractors, the new pool and its amenities are expected to be ready by March of 2022, just in time for swim season.

   So far the structure of the original pool has been demolished. The surrounding area has been excavated and then filled with compacted soil to allow the new center to be built on stable ground.

   Regarding the pool itself, the concrete has been poured and tile has been placed around its perimeter. The locker room and equipment building have their concrete walls finished.

   All of our aquatic sports can’t wait to jump into their very own pool!

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