Thoughts on the New School Year

A Junior And Senior’s Thoughts on Going From Online School Back to Campus

Frontline: How does it feel coming back to campus after almost two years of online school? 

Anneliese Pinto: “At first it was overwhelming and nerve wrecking because most of the time [during online school] I spent away from people and now I’m surrounded by a lot of people. After a week or so it feels normal because everyone is in the same boat.”


FL: What are you looking forward to this year at El Modena?

AP: “Well, because it’s my senior year, I am really looking forward to going to as many events as I can because, since it’s my last year in high school I want to make as many memories as possible and also make new friends.”


Frontline: What is it like being a Junior after spending your Sophomore year online?

Helen Laton: “Last year was difficult to make friends and I didn’t have any study partners. During golf, I made friends and actually talked to human beings because in classes you’re talking to a screen and looking at a screen. So when the school year started I didn’t feel quite as an outsider.”

FL: What are you looking forward to at El Modena?

HL: “I’m looking forward to the El Modena experience because it’s a lot different from private schools. I spent my Freshman year at a private school, then it closed and now I’m here.” 

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