Donda, Donda, Donda

Kanye West Takes the World by Storm with his Highly Awaited Album, Donda


At long last, the elusive Kanye West has dropped his tenth studio album, Donda. Named after his late mother, who was near and dear to his heart, Donda boasts a one hour and forty-eight minute runtime and has broken a multitude of records. 

   To say the album was highly anticipated would be an understatement; West initially announced Donda in July 2020, over a year before its actual release date, and the project has steadily gained traction since then despite being postponed countless times. 

   The album features an innovative and refreshing blend of gospel music (a staple in West’s religious lifestyle) with trap and traditional hip hop elements.

   West continued to gain the public’s attention by hosting three separate listening parties at the Mercedes Benz Stadium for his fans to preview his music. While finalizing the album, Kanye went as far as to live in the stadium for a rumored rate of $1 million per night.

   Just as fans were feeling hopeless, West’s label released the album shortly after the third performance. The album was a smash hit; In just ten days, Donda surpassed one billion streams and went #1 in 167 countries.

   Although the reception of the album was overwhelmingly good, some would say it was robbed of its deserved limelight too soon. 

   Less than a week later, Drake, popstar and long time rival of West, released an album of his own: Certified Lover Boy

   Regardless of which album you may favor, Kanye’s release of Donda was a success for him, and a breath of fresh air for his fans across the world.   

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