Why Are Students Wearing Kids Backpacks?

A Look Into the Apparent Trend of the El Modena Hallways

Why Are Students Wearing Kids Backpacks?

   When walking down the halls, it may be easy to spot colorful backpacks featuring kid’s television shows and movie characters on the backs of various seniors. The seniors have made this somewhat nostalgic and innocent fashion statement quite popular at El Modena High School. 

   The interest in wearing kid’s backpacks was also greatly inspired by TikTok, as many seniors posted videos of them and their kid’s backpacks. Senior Melina Reyes, who wears a Lightning McQueen backpack, said TikTok was what inspired her to partake in this trend.

   As the seniors finish out their K-12 experience, many are choosing to relive their kindergarten days through their eccentric backpacks. Make sure to take a look around the halls and see what backpacks remind you of your childhood days!

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