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Swing by Vanguard Nation’s 2021 Homecoming dance


   It’s been two years, two years since our Vanguards had the opportunity to make irreplaceable memories with their beloved friends. Homecoming is an ongoing tradition of El Modena that all students should find their way to participate in. 

   Our student body has planned dress up days from September 20th-24th, games every single day at lunch, and an assembly on the 24th! (See assembly schedule in Bulletin page 2). Here is what our ASB has planned!: 

   Monday: Peter Parker Pj’s (wear Pajamas), and a water balloon toss game

Tuesday: MJ to your Peter (Twin Day), and TP “web” wrapping game

Wednesday: Trip to NYC (tourist), and silly string bullseye  game

Thursday: El Mo is Under Attack! (Dress up as a superhero), and Marvel trivia game

Friday: Spider-Man Red Out, and the obstacle course!

   Don’t know how to ask the MJ to your Peter to the dance? Here are some Vanguards who thought of a fun way to ask their dates! Mackenzie Brehm (9) & Mcdonough (9) Brianna Chavez(10) & Alyssa Maneche(10) Meadow Taber (12) & Cameron Gardener (12)

   With all the fun planned comes all the required information for the Homecoming Dance. On September 25th, from 7-10 PM, the Homecoming dance will be hosted by the flagpole by the gym! Regarding guests, all El Modena students are welcome, but guests outside of campus are not permitted. 

   Semi-formal, appropriate attire is recommended. Minus paying for your dance and getting the paper requirements, the most important part of homecoming is to enjoy it, whether that may be going with a group of all ranges of size, or even solo. At El modena, we love to see our students realizing being a part of our nation is what makes high school special. We hope to see you heroes there! 



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