Healing Zoom Classes One Step at a Time

Peer mentors are back in action, helping one student at a time.

  This year peer mentoring is a more necessary service than ever for students trying to recover from a year of attempting to learn online. Despite the overwhelming need for peer mentors, many classes are left with an overwhelming majority of students requesting help.

   The peer mentoring classes are hosted by Madame Adkins during periods two, five, and six with the second period having the most peer mentors. Mrs. Papin also hosts a peer mentoring class during the third period with fewer peer mentors, so if you have a third period that you’re willing to switch, they’d really appreciate your help!

   If you’re still not convinced, here’s a quote from someone taking the class this year: “It allows me to help people who struggle with certain subjects while also building relationships with amazing students I never would’ve met otherwise.” She’s enjoying the class and helping students; it’s a win-win for everyone involved so sign up ASAP!

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