Rush to Clubrush

Dear Club Rush, We Missed You!


   To start an eventful and memorable year, all of El Modena’s various and diverse clubs participate in the annual Club Rush. This fun activity allows the student body to acknowledge all the clubs that El Modena has to offer. Students on campus have the opportunity to see all the clubs available that cater to their interests. 

   There are various clubs where students get the chance to be more involved in school and classmates with similar interests. During the two days of club rush, in the quad, various clubs have stations where students sign up to the clubs they are interested in.

   Students have a chance to plant a seed of interest during club rush by signing up for a club. Through meetings and events, passion blooms, and sooner or later, students have a hobby that they love. Each person on campus has many different passions, and aren’t limited to one club. Students often participate in, on average, three clubs. 

   This year, club rush took place on September 15th and 16th. Many club presidents were excited to display their unique clubs and what they had to offer for new members in the future. Although most members join during club rush, students are welcome to join the majority of clubs after club rush happens.

   For years prior, clubs sell foods and drinks that usually pertain to the club to fundraise money for the club. This year, due to COVID, there was no selling of food or drinks.

   Although there are 45+ clubs, students may have trouble finding the perfect club to fit in. In this case, students are welcome to start their own club that can offer people like them a place to share their interests as well!

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