Biden Brings the Blunders

A Look at President Biden’s Performance in His First Nine Months as Commander-in-Chief

   Americans have steadily made acceptable decisions over the course of 244 years with respect to choosing the President of the United States, perhaps with the exceptions of the Peanut Farmer and Barry. However, Americans have recently allowed President Joe Biden, lost in his own maze of dementia and incoherence, to take on the responsibilities of leading the Free World.

   Typically, Americans have voted for a man who was tough on crime, critical of foreign enemies, and downright patriotic. President Biden cannot seem to match any of these qualities, as he is more focused on the press cheat sheet in his back pocket than on his own country.

   At the most basic level, America has a President who cannot even formulate complete sentences without making up a word consisting of a random jumble of letters. Many patriots would like to see record low unemployment and less COVID restrictions, but they sadly have to ponder where in the dictionary Biden’s new word “truinternashovadapressure” will go.

   This type of incompetence from President Biden has caused numerous, pressing problems at home, primarily regarding the economy and national security.

   One major economic issue that appeared early in his presidency was his cancellation of the Keystone XL Pipeline, which, according to Idaho Senator Jim Risch, dismantled U.S. energy independence and killed thousands of construction jobs. Consequently, since the supply of crude oil in the U.S. dwindled, gas prices noticeably began to rise, leading to shameful dependence on foreign countries for oil.

   In yet another act of halting progress, President Biden ceased construction of the U.S.-Mexico border wall, which allowed nearly 200,000 illegal immigrants into the country in July alone. Expectedly, more than 9,000 illegal immigrants who were actually caught and arrested were convicted of criminal convictions such as battery, rape, illegal reentry and drug trafficking.

   Even abroad, Biden has managed to embarrass America. His messy withdrawal from Afghanistan did not end a 20-year war… it ended any possibility of peace in the Middle East. As a byproduct of Biden’s carelessness, about 100 Americans are still left behind in Afghanistan (this number comes from the White House Chief of Staff, when at the time of article publication, the Pentagon is unaware of the true number of Americans left in Afghanistan).

   While President Biden vacations in Delaware, eats “chocolate chocolate chip” ice cream, and adds to the list of presidential gaffes daily, the average American frowns at the gas pump and stares blankly at the news, watching as his President abandons his citizens in every aspect of life.

   And it’s only been nine months.

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