Texas Abortion Ban: It Was a Bad Idea

Addressing the Complexities and Ramifications of Texas’ Abortion Ban

   The Texas Senate passed a bill that not only outlawed any abortion past six weeks, but also allowed private citizens to sue anyone for something as simple as aiding a person seeking an abortion. This could entail detrimental fines for many Americans.

   Getting sued for this devious crime means you’re required to pay a minimum of $10,000, NOT TO MENTION, the cost of lawyers and hours spent in court away from work. This law is poorly intentioned, but the issue I offer more criticism to is the unethical ban on abortion itself.

   First off, a ban on abortions over 6 weeks is ridiculous, and most women aren’t even aware they’re pregnant because periods can fluctuate so much. A period being 2 weeks late is normal for many women, and the only justification given for why the ban is enforced so early is due to the “heartbeat” that can be detected.

   To debunk, it’s not a heart, it’s nowhere near a heart. It’s known as a fetal pole, consisting of a 4mm wide group of cells with electrical activity and isn’t anything close to a heart.

   Secondly, I am a male, (he/him), who will never have to face the situation of pregnancy or abortion. I will never have to back up a statement such as, “if I had an unplanned pregnancy I drop everything and take care of the baby”

   I will never have to face that statement and neither will the people who decided on this bill. These people couldn’t even possibly imagine what it’s like for young women going through any kind of pregnancy and yet they get the final say on someone literally birthing a child? What kind of sense does that make?

   These lawmakers that claim to be “pro-life” don’t even care about what happens to these children after they’re born. This reflects the fact that they have pledged no money to adoption agencies, foster families, or anywhere safe for these children to live.

   You might be thinking, “Well, their parents can just take care of them.” In summary, that’s easier said than done. If the women having these kids would have already gotten an abortion if possible, do you think that they’ll want the kid they were forced to have? Of course not.

   And that isn’t even addressing the expenses a child brings. On average, children cost up to a quarter MILLION dollars in the U.S. Not to mention most workers aren’t offered maternity or paternity leave. Having a child just isn’t an expense most families can afford.

   And yet, these lawmakers  don’t consider this for a second. The moment that child is born they stop caring. Even before the child is known to be there, they don’t care. They’re anti contraception, anti sex-ed, and obviously, anti abortion.

   If they really cared about the people a forced birth affects they would argue for and support an education that could prevent pregnancy, or products that do the same. But all they care about is targeting women, policing their bodies, and forcing their own religious values on women all over the state.

   The one valid argument I’ve seen in support of the Texas Abortion Bill is something close to, “The baby that was aborted could’ve cured cancer,” or some other incredible act that humanity would benefit from. But why wouldn’t the same thing apply to the billions of sperm in men?

   The last point I’ll make is for people who support this bill. I ask, if you don’t believe the government should be able to make you wear a piece of paper or cloth over your face to protect you and others, what makes you think they should have the right to force you to birth a being out of your body?

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