El Modena’s Superheroes in Print

Breaking News! El Modena Recruits Three Heroes to be the Voice of the Vanguards.

   A 6’5 dual sport athlete, an AP student with a strong-willed personality,  a young man with goals, who loves Jamba Juice and witty jokes. A Varsity tennis player, an AP student with a drive to succeed in what he loves most, a young man who only wants the best and nothing less. 

   A beautiful, wise, and out-spoken fashionista who always embodied a wild fire of passion in writing. These three unstoppable forces attend El Modena, and represent  the voice of their classmates. Nick Mascaro, Josh Pongco, Olive Sanz are our beloved El Modena Frontline  Editors in Chief!

   The first Vanguard editor in chief, Nick Mascaro, reminds all students that it is key to form balance. His education is a part of who he is, and journalism holds a place close to his heart. He guides our Frontline Family with a respectful force and has expectations for true success.

    The second Vanguard,  Joshua Pongco, is strong in speaking with his actions rather than his words. Writing is not only a hobby for him, but is a part of how he expresses himself. He is a quiet, but supportive leader, believing that the best is yet to come.

   Finally, Olive Sanz produces pieces that are pure art, and has a strong sense of what is best for her classmates. She is the most experienced of the three, starting in Journalism her sophomore year. She is a frontline foundation gem, leading the way, all the way!

   These one-of-a-kind Senior Editors-in-Chief prove that El Modena gains a majority of their school strength by leaders like them. Mascaro, Pongco, and Sanz are the standard of Frontline brilliance, and El Modena cannot wait to see the changes in the world these outstanding students will create!

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