Swimming Strives These Athletes to Success!

Dive Into the Girls Senior Night, and what Swim means to them.

 Backstroking, barely breathing, freestyling, hardly seeing… It takes courage and repetitive perfection to have the endurance to be a swim athlete. Our girl seniors spent a majority of their time at El Modena solely practicing excellence. Unfortunately, our school pool is being remodeled, so the senior night was a practice. Regardless, our girls put in the unmatched effort all Vanguard athletes convey. Swim may simply be viewed as a competitive sport, but our Senior Vanguard athletes beg to differ.

   Frontline: How long have you been in the swim program, and how has swim impacted you as an individual?

Sarah Ward: “I’ve been swimming all four years of high school. Altogether, swimming has made me a more patient and diligent person because there are a lot of elements that need perfecting to drop a second of time off an event.” 

   From another one of our beloved seniors:

Molly Weir: “I’ve been swimming for four years. Swim has been a big part of my high school experience. It helped me gain responsibility, confidence in my body, and showed me what it was like to be a part of a team even though we don’t necessarily work together in a traditional way.”

   Swim is a lifestyle for our treasured athletes, and their efforts as a whole reflect the strength our sports program possesses. El Modena will wholeheartedly miss our incredible athletes, and we thank these strong willed women for being indestructible forces in the water. 

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