Billie Eilish and All of Her Beauty

Billie! Eilish! Vogue! Photoshoot! And! Interview!


An inspiring young woman, Billie Eilish  recently revealed her confidence in a form no magazine, paper, or fans have ever seen. Eilish is known for her daringly unique fashion sense that had until recently shied away from revealing clothing, but she decided to seamlessly embrace change within herself.

   She used to wear bold colors, baggy clothes of the dozens, and whatever made her be in touch with how she felt. This photoshoot compiled by British Vogue perfectly envisioned her god-like growth as a musician and a human. Eilish’s photos bloomed with beauty by accentuating her enchanting physical features. 

   The lighting was softly lit, highlighting her ocean eyes, and even her eccentric high thigh tattoo. Her photoshoot was meant to be “controversial,” it was meant to widen eyes or make heads turn. What made this photoshoot heaven-like was the vivid visual of Eilish entering a new, moving phase in her life. 

   From Vogue UK: The quote that sums up the start of her new chapter best? “My thing is that I can do whatever I want.” She is a woman of presence for people of all ages, and this photoshoot reminded everyone that change can be daunting, but is also so fascinating. 

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