In All Fairness

Addressing the moral pitfalls that result from transgender athletes competing under their preferred gender

   In 2019, Selina Soule was one of the top female sprinters in Connecticut as a high school sophomore, bound to go on to compete in the New England Championships and have the opportunity to win athletic scholarships for college.

   Her dreams seemed within reach… until two transgender girls dominated a key race and stole the qualifying spots.

   This destruction of women’s sports has unfortunately been too consistent in recent instances and cannot be allowed to continue in the United States. While inclusivity for all people is important, stripping away the chances for girls to compete on a fair playing field completely diminishes inclusivity at the most basic level.

   Biological girls need the opportunity to excel using their natural ability given at birth, just as biological boys need that equal opportunity. This is why sports are categorized into the respective genders. 

   Additionally, to undergo hormonal or drug therapy simply to be eligible to compete not only makes men such as Lance Armstrong feel cheated, but also proves to be ineffective if taken for under two years, according to a study published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine.

   This means that transgender athletes would have to subject their bodies to over two years of hormonal therapy simply to feel included in their chosen gender’s sport, all the while increasing the risk of dangerous side effects to the treatment such as consistent hot flashes or bone thinning.

   To make matters worse, proponents of transgender athletes competing against biological males or females express a blatant disregard toward Title IX of U.S. Federal Civil Rights Law. Letting transgender athletes compete against cisgender athletes may seem inclusive on the basis of sex, but always comes at the cost of secondhand discrimination toward biological female athletes.

   In turn, biological girls will eventually be pushed out of the rankings, eliminating any possibility for rightful representation and recognition in the sports realm.

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