Trump is Back on Social Media…Again

After being blocked from every social media platform, Trump makes his own.



 Former president Donald J. Trump has announced and launched his own “social media” platform. His social media is more of a blog where only Trump can send out messages and receivers can only like and share his “posts” to Instagram and Facebook. 

   He apparently launched his platform, calling it “From The Desk Of Donald J. Trump.” Since he got banned from using Twitter and Facebook back when the riots at Capitol happened on January 6, former president Trump had no other choice than to make his own platform where he was in full control of the message. 

   There is a contribution option to donate from the ranges of $50-5,000, or a custom donation. All donations reportedly go to benefit the  Save America Joint Fundraising Committee. 

   Apparently some people when attempting  to make a donation showed it automatically checked the monthly recurring donation box from weekly to daily, but some did not notice, causing them to donate more than they’d like. This glitch caused some donors to accidentally donate more than $8,000 monthly

   It’s said he did this with the  purpose “to help pay the refunds he still owed.” Trump’s campaign has yet to release a statement regarding this fraud, even on his own platform.

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