Mental Health Awareness Week

Highlighting the importance of Mental Health and how to maintain it


   It is mental health awareness month in California and El Modena’s counselors have set aside this week to bring attention to the mental health needs of today’s youth.

   Over a year ago the world got turned upside down and this led to multiple negative effects on individuals. Since the pandemic began, studies have shown that there has been a 91% increase in adolescent mental health crises. This shows the need for attention to this topic.

   With the help of PAL, there has been social media outreach, with each day having its own unique theme.

   Music Monday was about sharing a song that motivates one. The following day was Talk to Someone Tuesday, where people were encouraged to check in on each other and share how they were feeling.

   Workout Wednesday was about staying active and moving forward. While Thankful Thursday was about focusing on gratitude and all that’s well in one’s life.

   Finishing off the week was Feel Good Friday which encouraged people to do a random act of kindness and to spread joy.

   This week encompassed the counselor’s goal of shedding light on mental health and letting people know the different things there are to help them get through it.

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