Graduate with Style

It’s not as simple as a cap & gown

It all started when the first universities were being founded during the 12th and 13th century. Caps and gowns were made in different colors to represent the school being graduated from. 

  Over the years, dressing up formally has become a habit to celebrate the importance of accomplishing a year with success. The tradition must continue even with caps and gowns.

   One of the best ideas was to dress up like every other year with the only difference of wearing a gown over with a beautiful cap on your head; sometimes it is even allowed to decorate your cap according to your inspirations making each cap unique. 

  Under caps and gowns girls are more likely seen wearing either bodycon or skater dresses, others love to style with jeans and an elegant top with beautiful heels, block heels especially due to how easier it is to walk in and won’t get stuck up in grass or dirt. 

  The most popular color worn is white because of how elegant it looks and matches with any color gown; however, most wouldn’t prefer white and wear pastel colors, such as beige and light pink. 

  An exception to add to the colors would be black because who doesn’t like black clothing. For guys, collared shirts are a must with either dress pants or even jeans, as for shoes guys look good with either sneakers or dressy shoes. 

  Everyone has their own way of expressing themselves and because of that they are beautiful in their own way.

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