Elon & Miley!

Elon Was Bashed For What on SNL?

  Elon Musk and Miley Cyrus live in the moment regardless of the negativity around them. Elon Musk dropped a video in which Miley Cyrus and SNL cast member Cecily Strong joined him. This was released on May 9, 2021, season 46, episode 18.

   It was said that Elon Musk and Miley Cyrus wouldn’t present a very lovable friendship during the show and most claimed they didn’t want to participate in the show together, while others said that it would be impossible to obligate either one of them to collaborate. 

  SNL has said Miley and Elon liked each other and worked well together, even having deep conversations with one another. After all this controversy, a tweet came up saying Elon and Musk had joked about blasting off to the moon together. This intrigued everyone. 

  A fan posted a meme and even suggested the collaboration between the Tesla/ SpaceX boss and Miley. Then at the SNL after party organized for Musk, which Miley attended with Grimes, all 3 showed to be having a good time while dancing to techno. It seems the controversy was all much ado about nothing.

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