EMTV PSA: From No Excuse to Nationals

EMTV Advisor Vicki Mull rises to the top with her poignant PSA production.


The acronym PSA commonly stands for or is commonly interpreted as a public service announcement. This method of publicity hits close to home with most viewers, depending on the topic of choice. This “close to home” feeling is generally based on experience, whether it be positive or negative.

   In 2017 and in 2019, EMTV  won the Elk’s National Award for their anti-drug PSAs. This is no easy task, considering that one must win the Elk Lodge competition, move on to the district level, next to the state level, and then to the national level. In fact, their 2019 PSA “Sunshine” was picked up by the Fine Brothers and showcased in one of their “React” videos.

   The Elks have 3 video categories for their competition: middle school, high school, and post-high school. Since the global coronavirus pandemic took charge, EMTV has been limited in terms of what they could film and where they could film it. So, Mull turned to her family of eight to star in and help produce this year.

   She pitched her idea and they hit the ground running. Mull did not let a pandemic get in the way of production and together with Henry Mull as Cinematographer and lead editor, Mull’s PSA about a woman finding her way out of chronic drug and alcohol abuse was completed in less than a week.

   Drug Abuse is a highly sensitive topic for many people, but there is also no excuse for it; Mull made that very clear to all viewers.

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