MLB All-Star Game gets moved

Baseball and politics, can it get any better?


Ethan Stiles-Fernandez


Boys Sports Writer


   As of April 6, 2021, Major League Baseball has officially changed the location of the 2021 All-Star Game from Atlanta, Georgia to Denver, Colorado. The mid-summer classic was moved due to the state of Georgia’s new restriction voting law.

   This new law serves as a warning to any Republicans in other states who are trying to restrict voting. This may cause not just MLB events to back out, but possibly other businesses or organizations to proceed elsewhere. 

    An action where both Democrats and Republicans would oppose businesses or organizations from conducting such action, but both sides are divided when it comes to the new voting law. Either way MLB Commissioner, Rob Manfred, provided a statement explaining that the MLB respects all American voting laws.

   The new law prevents beverages to be given while in line and the state election board can intervene in county election offices to remove and replace local election officials. The board is allowed to intervene in up to four counties at a time.

   This action laces a temporary superintendent to hire and fire election directors and poll officers. This action may affect high populated Democratic counties due to past problems; for example, long lines and singling out Republican voters.

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